I used to think there is no future left at all ≠ [XEM]

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"I’d rather have nothing than be nothing" - Dylan Klebold

note to myself : you can not be a Tim burton’s character  (if you’re alive)

Germany is the new Fifa WORLD CUP CHAMPION

Congratulation ! I’m so glad ! (bc France was out of course :3)

New phone background

one (fucking) year ago !!!!!!!!!! 

"Le monde est occupé à se détruire lui-même."

- Les-forces-du-mal (via cartonheureux)

(via spleenetsottises)

"Parfois je me demande quelle est la raison de ma solitude.
Rapidement je me rappelle que moi non plus, je ne voudrais pas de moi."

- Pensée cruelle d’une nuit sans lune (via spleenetsottises)

(via mourirdetoi)


'I'm not here, this isn't happening.'
One of the most important songs in my life. Every time the rhythm just begins and Thom’s precious cry carries fourth into my hearing. I close my eyes so hard and just listen and for a brief time - every time. I actually disappear completely.
Thank you Radiohead.

… na We Heart It.